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Academic, critic, endlessly fascinated; reads, thinks, listens and talks far more than is good for her. Ex-anorexic, ex-ME, excitable, queer, kinky, nosy, mouthy. Purveyor of uncomfortable truths. Talks filth in public. Likes rabbits, old houses with big windows and John Wilmot Earl of Rochester. Needs more sleep.

No, I am not here for your diet bullshit: a universally applicable post for trotting out whenever gendered food culture makes me cross

There is something peculiarly disheartening and frustrating about previously supportive and excellent online networks perpetuating diet bullshit. The chances are I’m not going to start a catfight about it – I’ve hidden it and moved on – but fucking hell, … Continue reading

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Thoughts about punching Nazis

CN: discusses racism, genocide, violence, hate speech, literal Nazism, also the Holocaust.  With thanks to my excellent friends for the discussions which prompted this.  Unless you live under a rock, you’re probably aware that a protestor punched Nazi Richard Spencer … Continue reading

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Goblin’s Patented Earnest Theories of Social Media Occasioned by Strangers on the Internet

Sooooo I had a slightly weird conversation with someone I hardly know on Facebook this morning, prompted by this article about Oxford Union using gender-neutral rather than gendered pronouns (as it happens, this is untrue anyway).  Details unimportant, but can be found … Continue reading

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An Incomplete List of Concerns I Have About the Promised Miss Fisher Action Film Trilogy [contains S3 SPOILERS]

This article came out today. I Have Concerns. 1) BUT PHRACK. I am massively, massively invested in Phryne and Jack, and I would wager literally all the money I have (which is admittedly not very much, possibly enough for one … Continue reading

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Everybody Knows: a few unnecessary thoughts about Leonard Cohen

There’s a crack in everything, it’s how the light gets in I am not sad Leonard Cohen is dead, exactly, apart from the immense, existential human sadness at the ephemerality of life he wrote about better than anyone else. He’s … Continue reading

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A long, self-indulgent and rambly post about having friends in your 30s, including the horrors of wedding planning, shifts from poly to mono and London to oop norf, and lots of pictures of animal cuddles

This is a post about friendship and what it means and how it’s been changing in my mid-thirties and ways in which that is currently weirding me out. I currently feel quite fragile about my friendships, almost all of them, … Continue reading

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Yeah, I really did eat that, and it changed the world a bit

So I read You’re right, I didn’t eat that this morning, Alana Massey’s stark and utterly brilliant exploration of the psychosocial and cultural costs of staying thin. Unless you’re easily triggered by ED or body shaming stuff, go and read it, … Continue reading

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Oh no, don’t say it’s true: on the loss of David Bowie

‘I always had a repulsive need to be something more than human.’ I cannot comprehend or imagine a world without David Bowie, which is pretty shit, as it appears I am now living in one. He’s always been there, an … Continue reading

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Home-thoughts, from Abroad

‘The past is a foreign country. They do things differently there.’ So I’m in Sheffield. I have a job – several jobs, library teaching writing – and I’m still wrestling my demons and my schedule to work on the book … Continue reading

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So this clickbaity article about Bi Visibility Day almost got me fired

So one of the reasons I’ve been really quiet on here in the last few months is that I’ve been being a dating columnist for SheWired, a queer women’s website based in LA. A lot of it was pretty interesting … Continue reading

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