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Gaga Forever, or, GTFOIA*

We love Gaga because her desires, her awareness of the commodification of her body and its adornment, her passionate sexuality, her intelligence, her awareness of and yet subjection to the cultural tropes surrounding her, her complete battiness, reflect elements of our own. And there’s nobody out there who does it like she does. Or has better shoes. Continue reading

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**TRIGGER WARNING**Cutting through narrative cohesion: more on my blades, my skin and me

Actually cutting imposes the very opposite of narrative coherence, for me at least. It offers a physical immediacy by definition outside the often painful and limiting narratives of my life. And the scars as a physical language are outside narrative too – they just speak ‘pain’ without the need to consctruct or shape a coherent narrative the viewer can understand. There’s an extent to which pain-beyond-language is still in our culture considered greater or more genuine than pain articulated or shaped by verbalisation or narrative – it’s one of the ongoing traumas of my life. Continue reading

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You got me wondering why I,I like it rough…

There seem to be very few socially sanctioned cultural spaces for the expression of entirely natural female aggression, or even assertion. From what I’ve seen, women in both social and business relationships are by and large assumed and expected to take a conciliatory, facilitating role, to not only avoid but defuse conflict, to allow men space to dictate agendas and boundaries, to work for compromise and co-operation not individual assertion. This is by no means wholly a bad thing. But it does leave women very little space to express the frustrations and impositions of everyday life without being judged, condemned or punished for it. Continue reading

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